Blue Wave

BlueWave As we all have heard, the oceans are the biggest resource, which the humanity have. We have explored only 10% of our oceans and seas, whereas they are 71% of the world’s surface. The idea of our team is […]

Blue Team

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Future Technology As we know transport is a worldwide global problem. There is a lot of traffic congestion, crashes, noise, air pollution, landscape destruction, or greenhouse gas emissions and.. The costs from our current forms of transport are dangerously high and getting […]

Oceans United

Oceans United Our goals: Our site exists with one main goal in mind – to inform the world about the dangers of pollution and how important the ocean is for the survivability of many countries and communities. There are many other […]


0xC0 Nowadays the pollution of the water and air is one of the leading problems of the 21st century. Because of this reason our team decided to set the following:  To be made website with whom we want to reach bigger part of […]

The Band of Ocean

The Band of Ocean Our modern society has a large need of energy in the form of electricity. We use it in our everyday lives as well as to power our industries. But where does that electricity come from? How […]