The Binary Trio

When you hear the word ‘’economy’’ what is the first color that comes to your mind? Maybe if you didn’t know about the topic of the competition you would say “gray”, but as we all probably know if there was […]

Program Shabam

Program Shabam Our TECH DAYS 2020 BLUE ECONOMY competition project is a website on Energy from water and air. The idea of ​​our website was to borrow certain information that matches the theme of the project, from sites that are […]

Ocean Storm

Ocean Storm We have a “Home page”, one page that explains about “What is the system”, three pages for our filters and a page for “How it works” our system divided into three subpages.   A) “Home page” is made up of generalized information about purpose […]

Alpha Малинка

Documentation BLUE ECONOMY Blue Economy isn‘t only about the water pollution, but includes the air too. This subject has much bigger meaning. It’s affects a lot of sectors, but we decided to go for carbon sequestration and most importantly […]

Tech Bears

GitHub: OneDrive: AirProject Our goal is to measure air quality and other environment parameters. The citizens in the area will be aware of the current whether conditions.


ITG We chose this theme, because we think that not much is said on this topic as not a lot of people really care about the oceans. I am Hristo Hristov and made this website to grow awareness in the people that […]

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly Goal: Our goal is to tell the world about people who are trying to save the world by cleaning the oceans.  The Stages of Work were:  Inventing the idea of the site;  Collection Information;  Designing;  Adding extra stuff to […]

Bulgarian Team The main team goal is to make small, but multifunctional weaher station, that can measure barometric presure, air temperature and humidity, wind direction and speed and rainfall. It will serve to make the weather forecast for the coming days. […]