When you hear the word ‘’economy’’ what is the first color that comes to your mind? Maybe if you didn’t know about the topic of the competition you would say “gray”, but as we all probably know if there was one color that should be chosen for a representative of the future of economy it would be blue.

But you may ask why? Well the answer is very simple – blue, because making the most of the potential of our oceans, seas, rivers and coasts could help broaden the scope of the circular economy and create new opportunities, promoting sustainable, inclusive growth.

After explaining what the Blue economy is, here is a bit information about our project. It consists of 2 parts – our website and our chatbot – Ivy. 

For the website we used HTML5, CSS3 and the code editor Visual Studio Code because it connects to GitHub and has different extensions which can help you when you are writing code.

The second part is the chatbot Ivy. For those of you who don’t know, a chatbot is a program used to simulate natural human conversation. The purpose of our one is bringing awareness to what the Blue economy is. It can answer a ton of different questions regarding this topic. Its code we wrote in Spyder using Python 3.6 and an additional JSON file as a database. 

Here you can check out the code for our project: https://github.com/GNGeorgiev18/Blue-Economy_project.git