Program Shabam

Our TECH DAYS 2020 BLUE ECONOMY competition project is a website on Energy from water and air. The idea of ​​our website was to borrow certain information that matches the theme of the project, from sites that are based on diverse ideas and thus have a variety of articles that still relate to the topic. The main function of the site is to provide information to the user on the above topic through a set of several short, up-to-date articles, taken from secure sources, to which there is a hyperlink at the bottom of each page containing an article. The site contains news about both energy from water and air. Some of the articles provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about water and air energy, while others give information on the various ways in which it can be obtained from these sources. There are also texts that tell of new and useful discoveries concerning the acquisition of energy from new (and inexhaustible) sources (such as changes in air temperature or cold night air), which is extremely important for the modern economy and therefore directly affects us all.

As you know for sure, the world is facing several global problems. One of them is the raw material-energy problem, which is related to the reliable provision of humanity with raw materials and fuels. The consequences of this are the depletion of the fields, the increase of the prices of raw materials, the aggravation of the ecological situation due to the negative impact of the extractive industry on the environment, etc. Part of the solution to this problem is the use of new materials and alternative sources of energy (in this case, water and air). Another global problem connected with the environment is the environmental problem. It is caused by the negative impact of human economic activity on the geospheres. One of the main reasons for this is the unwise use of natural resources. It leads to an increase in the area of ​​deserts, pollution of water, air and soil, the emergence and widening of the ozone hole, etc. One solution is the rational and integrated use of natural resources and the use of alternative energy sources. These are the main topics and ideas that we want to bring to the attention of the reader of the articles on the site and to make them think and realise the real threats, which these problems will bring forth, if adequate actions are not done as soon as possible. Another thing that can be found on our website is a test, thanks to which the user can test their knowledge on energy from water and air. This way they will understand what they know about the topic and will learn new useful and interesting facts. In addition, we have developed three calculators related to the topic of the project that will further clarify the processes involved in extracting energy from water resources.