The Binary Trio

When you think of the word ‘economy’ what is the first color that comes to your mind? Many people would probably say it reminds them of grey but if one color should be defined as the representative of the future of economy, it should be blue. That’s right, blue because most of the potential of our oceans, seas, coasts and rivers could create new opportunities, promoting sustainable, inclusive growth and so much more. This is the reason why more people should learn and know about the benefits of protecting the marine resources and using them thoughtfully. All the bodies of water are critical to sustaining Earth’s life support systems and the billions of people who are dependent on them for livelihoods, food security and economic development. That is why we decided to create a website and a Chatbot who can help people become more familiar with the concept of Blue Economy.

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  1. Поздравления за чатбота, много добър подход за привличане на повече интерес по темата! Още повече, че сте успели да го смените с tensorflow, вместо “простичкия” чатбот с шаблони за въпроси и отговори 🙂
    Вижда се в github , че Петър и Станислава доста са се постарали.

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