The main objective of the project is to develop a website that  informs the world’s community how they can produce and generate energy from water resources and why it is better to save and create energy in this way. 

Main Stages in the project implementation 

Each one of us had a  key role in the development of the site 

Firstly we made up the idea of the project. Secondly we searched for information about the topic. Thirdly we wrote the code for the website. Finally we did the documentation 

Our manager- Iliyan had the job to find information on how to get energy from water and he also build the buttons, the slide show menu. He used: HTML, CSS, Javascript. He was helping Stoyan in building the main page.  

Our developer- Stoyan made the “main” and “about us” page. He used the following technologies: HTML, CSS. 

As the designer- Stoycho was telling us how the website should look like and he also developed a part of the .css files and the documentation.