Oceans United

Oceans United

  1. Our goals: Our site exists with one main goal in mind – to inform the world about the dangers of pollution and how important the ocean is for the survivability of many countries and communities. There are many other sites which present information about the blue economy status of countries but our site differs from them because we use various technologies to integrate up-to-date information about countries on a custom map. 
  2. Main stages of development and our contribution to the project: Our project manager,Alexander Hristov, worked on gathering information and preparing the documentation you are reading right now and also creating the presentation material. Our developer, Kristian Milanov, worked on creating an interactive map which upon selecting a continent and a country displays information about the chosen country. The map is currently in a W.I.P state and only a few countries are available as of this moment.Dani Dimov, our graphic designer, worked on creating the body and the visual appearance of our site. He is responsible for making the site aesthetically nice and pleasing for the eyes.  

GitHub: https://github.com/aihristov18/Blue-World

OneDrive: https://codingburgas-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/aihristov18_codingburgas_bg/ElAmXP5J4BZIid_fYVf_IGcB9hxvLnkzoMfwBAQAtpmtQQ?e=Womcqz

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