We chose this theme, because we think that not much is said on this topic as not a lot of people really care about the oceans. I am Hristo Hristov and made this website to grow awareness in the people that think ocean and overall water pollution is not that big of a problem. For the realisation of my website I used Visual Studio Code and images from Google. W3schools was the website where I got the necessary information and the lines of code to make my website what it is now. 

The main problems that I got into in the process of making Overwater were the low quality images, positioning and structure of the website and some of the animations. Some of the paragraphs, images or videos did not go where I want and that made it hard for me to continue developing my project. I did not have the knowledge to build a well-structured, good looking and impressive page but I think that it turned out well. 

Every page starts with a fresh looking menu. I used a water image for the background of the navigation bar .  In the very start there is the logo which is the symbol of the “O“ in the word “Overwater“. The nav bar has 4 tabs and the first one of them is the “Home“,2nd – Mission,3rd– About and the forth one is the “Contact Us“ tab. When you press on the “Home“ tab you go to the main part of the website.