1.1         Goals
 Our main goal is to reduce the killing of sea turtles around the world. Also we want to know a little bit more about how they live.
1.2 Main stages in realizing the project  
Firstly, we made up the idea of the project. Secondly, we search if there is enough information about this.  Thirdly, we wrote the code of the site. After that we improve the site and connect it with the Arduino. After that we did the Arduino and finally, we did the presentation and the documentation.
1.3         Difficulty level of the project
One of the difficulties in our team was that a long period of time we didn’t have an idea. Another difficult was two persons of our team have difficulties with connecting to GitHub. Also we have some difficulties with the documentation and the presentation. And with the organization in our team.
1.4         Logical and functional description of the solution
Our project is combination with website and Arduino. The site is about our idea for saving turtles. And what you need to do to save them. There is information about why we choose this theme and why they are in big danger. Arduino is for the technical part of the site. And it also can be in big support in the future if it’s used well.

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