Documentation BLUE ECONOMY

Blue Economy isn‘t only about the water pollution, but includes the air too. This subject has much bigger meaning. It’s affects a lot of sectors, but we decided to go for carbon sequestration and most importantly how to remove it.  We thought that it will be great opportunity to show our idea, because we want to help the Earth and most importantly we want to help us – all living organisms.

We decided to create a product that helps the environment and that is good for the development of the Earth. We created a website which can provides information by statistics created by NodeMCU which could help you to track your bought tree.

We hope that our project is going to make a great impact of the future plans about quicker afforestration and reforestation. We think that people now have a more intense life who love in hurry and sometimes there‘s no time for our relatives and friends, and what is happening with the plants that cannot say they need water. We should help each other, but not only a human to a human – an organism to an organism.